In 2015 we took a challenge from our Sommelier customer to create the most innovative wine eCommerce experience. Our goal was not only to create a top-notch online store, but also a community to bring together wine lovers and vineyards. Today Wineux is the leading wine community and online store that delivers you wine safely from all over Mexico to global customers. The project included business strategy and brand creation, responsive design and development, community management and customer service for end users.

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The easiest way to manage condominiums and gated communities, at the palm of your hand.

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Fresh Froods

In summer of 2017 our American customer presented us mission impossible challenge. They needed complete branding and digital presence for their new fruit company and product patch that was already on the way to market. We took the challenge and the branding project was delivered in less than 72 hours from idea to packaging and website was launch soon after.

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Doesn't feel like working with an offshore development company; but, with a team of friends.
We were amazed about their depth of understanding.
- Joseph Chambers


If you are looking to look good even on the mobile screens this is a great example of what can we do.

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Magnify Fuel

A business oriented software looking to deliver a smart and fast tool for managing vehicle fleets and fuels.

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Comulink made the impossible. They setted up our Magnify account really
fast and we started organizing our data in less than 20 minutes!
Ana Paula Valdez - Pi Consulting


The Content

Our own content manager. Is an easy to use platform for content management, allowing you to run several websites and apps simultaneously.



Administrative software for operational expenses control, portable and reliable. Mobile App for IOS and Android


A business oriented software, designed to help administrate revenue and expenditure, with a comprehensive graphic environment.