Why should you choose a Mexican software development firm?

Taking projects overseas, in order to reduce operational expenses, is far from a new trend. This working model has grown significantly since the last 30 years, and companies from the United States and Western Europe, have been benefitted with the perks of offshoring.

The most popular offshoring destinations are India, Phillipines, Brazil, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Poland and Mexico. Traditionally, these destinations were almost exclusively for manufacturing.

Recently, there has been a booming software development industry in some of these countries, thanks to the increase of IT engineers graduating every year.

But, why choosing Mexico? Why doing business with Comulink?

There are plenty of reasons, actually.


We are located just south of the American border, less than 300 miles away from Tucson, AZ. This means that there is a fair amount of influence of American culture, lots of affinities and a great number of English speaking people. Getting to Hermosillo is really easy, since the local airport has international connections.

Another advantage of this closeness, is the Time Zone. In Hermosillo, we share the same Time Zone with Arizona, and during Summer, it matches with PST. This means that if you run your business from these areas, you can expect real time results.

Western Culture Affinity

Our local culture identifies a lot with Western culture. We share the same core values and our customs are completely compatible with those of Western Europe/US. You’ll never experience culture chocks with us.

It’s all about the quality and value

Our area is packed with lots of talented IT professionals, ready to start working with your project right away. Hermosillo is a top IT hub, with a fair amount of highly skilled engineers, with qualifications to work with the latest technologies.

While our rates are considerably lower than those expected in the U.S. and/or Western Europe, the quality we deliver exceeds the expectations.