Have you made the decision to partner up with a nearshore or outsourcing company for your developing needs? Then it’s time to choose which type of company you can get best match and results for your project.

In this blog we are going to discuss certain points you need to consider to help you choose right kind of development partner. Best development partner matches your company’s communication and working culture. Key questions are also the resources needed to deliver your project on wanted timeline.

Your options can be to go with larger development corporation or with smaller company with agile teams. Advantages are not hard to guess; With big companies you will get well stablished processes and easy scale pool of resources. If you are a multinational company with a huge project, the obvious choice is a big company, more than anything because of the security they can offer you. If you are in fast growth phase and looking for partner to support your path to success in scalable service model and budgets, more agile development company can be more suitable and comfortable partner.

As we are middle size development company with agile methods, we share you the benefits why our customers have put their trust in us:

  • Passion: One of the big differences between a larger corporations and smaller companies is the culture, if you have worked in both a startup and a big company, you know what we are talking about. In smaller companies the family feeling is stronger, therefore the culture reflects a lot in their work and people work with passion.

  • Customer service: Larger corporations needs to build structured levels in customer service processes and if you are small, so will be the focus and SLA package ( service level agreement) delivered for you. With smaller development companies, you can build stronger bond with the service team and communicate directly with your developers.

  • Low-hierarchy: with a larger corporation, you will be communicating with a project manager, who will manage your progress with team leader which can lead in broken phone syndrome. With a smaller company, you can communicate directly to the team and it also works in a reverse way, imagine that your extended development team comes up with a great out-of-the-box idea that you would love, but the command chain won’t support creativity outside the ordered service pitch.

  • Agility and speed: This is one critical aspect when talking about software development. Time is money, literally, and especially missed deadlines in projects can cumulate challenges for the business target. Both big and small companies can be excellent in agility and it’s important to analyze the company’s earlier projects and references to get idea about working methods. 

These pointers are of course only the peak of iceberg to consider when deciding your outsourcing partner. If you are in need to find right software development partner, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can share you our full list of pointers to ask your development partner.