There has been a renaissance for craft beer since variety of tastes was limited after the prohibition of alcohol. Only in the United States, 700 new breweries were opened by 2017, offering a wide variety of options that have turned beer culture into a trend. On the other hand, wine has always been a craft business, but overtime its industrialization has increased.


Beer lovers are on the lookout for the 2018 brew styles, the experts consider that an audacious offer could be a better refining of the New England IPA (NEIPA), one of the top on popularity over the last year.


Some brew masters, such as  Josh Pfriem, predict “The rise of using high-quality fruit in funky or barrel-aged beers”. From his perspective, there’s a lot of possibilities unexplored with this style. Julia Herz, craft beer program director for the Brewers Association agrees, “The fruited IPAs is where we’re really seeing some resonance,” said Julia.


The past year have been difficult for the wine segment due to weather conditions in many wine regions. Quality over quantity could be the answer for those vineyards, without forgetting on the availability of cheaper wines.


The experts declare that premium will be the keyword on the wine sector, and even for other beverages. Regarding to bottling, big sizes are taking hold as a consequence of social matter. And of course an online retail boom is coming.


About the crops the expectations are a boom on the Rosé, the return of the Sauvignon Blanc and a growth of the Carménère to become more appreciated as its own distinct varietal.


As it was expected both drinks are getting closer to the Indie fever, this way we will find even more new brands and exotic crafty labels on our bottles.