Much of the corporate success is nowadays based on how effective is Bussiness Intelligence (BI). Even when it is not about an e-business, today all businesses should be handled as if it is, considering the huge increase of connectivity and mobility of customers.


This growth entails a series of changes in terms of regulations, procedures, strategies, as well as in habits of companies and customers. It is a constant adaptation process and that is why companies should be aware of the trends that are coming for 2018.


There are 3 important aspects to consider this year to come:


1.- Augmented Data and Augmented Analytics


With the increase of usage in digital platforms, the problem of managing massive volumes of data always appear. The challenge for this 2018 is to develop and implement advanced data cataloging tools that respond to the new-hosted BI platforms and Internet of Things (IoT) devices pouring out diverse types of data.


2.- Artificial Intelligence


Augmented Data and Analytics leads to talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Already 59% of organizations are gathering information to build their AI strategies. In this field, AI will help to analyze data and learn from it, solving important business data issues.


3.- Augmented workforces


Experts predict AI will be applied to a wide variety of apps, being almost unnoticed in the whole picture but enormously transforming the entire working structure by improving quickness, accuracy and effectiveness. For example, we can find in almost every corporate website the famous chatbot, which means an augmented work force. “Explore intelligent apps as a way of augmenting human activity, and not simply as a way of replacing people,” says David Cearley, vicepresident of Gartner, an international leader in Technology Trends.