In recent years, investing in Mexico has become an attractive proposition. Mexico is one of the largest economies in the world and with its talented, bilingual and skilled labor force, it makes it a practical and smart investment location.


Mexico and the US have treaties such as the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which make it easier to trade products and labor between both countries. The physical proximity to Mexico also makes it an economical sound decision to invest in our neighboring country.


Many American companies have migrated south of the border due to government subsidies and affordable talent. Tech companies such as IBM, Apple, Oracle, Intel, HP and Dell have satellite offices in Mexico. Tech is thriving in Mexico - outsourcing is a $12 billion a year industry, according to industry figures. Mexico has brilliant engineers and programmers that offer their abilities to American companies at a 5th of the cost in the US. Mexico also hosts a number of international tech conferences each year, one of which Elon Musk chose as the location to announce his plans to colonize Mars with interstellar project SpaceX.


The Tech industry is thriving in Mexico and it is the best time to invest in a promising and up-and-coming economy.