Uber is a ride sharing company based in San Francisco, which also provides food delivery service. it was founded in 2009 and has become a titan that has expanded to many countries around the world, being currently one of the most fast-growing startup in history. At the beginning there were black Lincolns and white glove drivers, but youth quickly began to popularize the service as a luxury they could afford. This created an unstoppable success that brought a lot of profit, imitators and much controversy.


Uber has been trying to climb out from a series of scandals that plagued the company in 2017. Recently, former CEO Travis Kalanick was pushed out of his position by unhappy investors, management was accused of sexual harassment and most recently, it was found that Uber paid hackers $100,000 to cover up a cyber-attack that exposed 57 million users’ personal data. This and many other problems could have been caused from growing too soon too fast.


To fix all this Uber started changing its policies, culture and values. they recently hired new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, who was the former chief executive at Expedia and since Khosrowshahi’s hiring, there has been an emphasis on diversity and inclusion. In November 2017, Khosrowshahi announced that Uber could potentially be launching an IPO in 2019.


But even with all these problems and changes the innovation that inspires them hasn’t stop and in 2017 they launched a program in Pittsburg that allows people to request a self-driving car from their phones, they have created an “UBER CITY” to try these cars and the service its coming to test in some cities in US. Furthermore, they signed a $300 million contract with Volvo to provide a fleet of human-assisted self-driving cars.

This looks like it will be a new era for Uber, with new management, new company values and as always, edge technology.


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